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Misconduct May Cost You More in Maintenance

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The Southern District of Missouri Court of Appeals decided in Schubert v. Schubert that misconduct during the marriage and pendency of a dissolution action is a factor to consider when awarding maintenance. Wife and husband had seven children together. Prior to having children, wife worked as a nurse. Once they started raising a family, the wife stayed at home, working … Read More

How Does a Step-Father Get Full Custody During a Divorce?

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Blood relation is not everything; Missouri courts also look to the relationship between an adult and the minor child when determining what is in the child’s best interest. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Missouri, Bowers v. Bowers, confirmed a circuit court’s decision to give full custody to the step-father of a young child. The mother started dating … Read More

Your Right to Have a Lawyer

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Normally, the right to have a lawyer is associated when someone is with the police, possibly a target of a criminal investigation. Missouri gives you the right to have a lawyer outside any criminal setting, applying that right to the termination of parental rights (TPR) hearings as well. A recent ruling in the Southern District of Missouri, In re Interest … Read More

Modifying Maintenance in Missouri

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Generally, when maintenance (also known as alimony) is awarded to a former spouse, the amount is non-modifiable. However, certain circumstances will allow modification. Recently in Missouri, Husband was ordered to pay Wife $1,875 per month plus 35% of all commissions and bonuses for maintenance. At the time of divorce, Husband was making $260,000 per year. A year later, Husband lost … Read More