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Guardianship requests in Lees Summit can arise out of many situations including the death of a parent, an unsafe situation for a child including neglect or abuse, a grandparent being a better fit for a child and many other instances. A guardian is a person appointed by a court to handle the custody and care of a child or adult that is deemed to be incapacitated. A conservator is a person or company who is appointed to handle the property of a child or adult that is deemed disabled. No matter the complexity of your guardianship or conservatorship situation, the attorneys at Leonard Rodarte Siegel are here to work for you and your wards best interests. With any family law situation, we ensure that the best interests of a child or ward are the most important factor while representing you.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Law Lees Summit

In the State of Missouri, guardianship is the legal document that appoints someone to take on authority and responsibility for the personal affairs of another person (ward) who has been deemed incapacitated. The guardian has the power to decide care, custody and personal decisions for the ward to the extent decreed by the judge and based on the ward’s own best interest. Conservatorship is similar to guardianship, except this legal process only pertains to the financial affairs of an individual who is incapable (deemed disabled) of making decisions. The conservator has the authority to take charge of and manage property and money only. The same person may serve as guardian and conservator. In Missouri a guardian or conservator is not responsible personally for debts or expenses that a ward has. The conservator will act on behalf of the ward to satisfy any debts or costs, but does not assume responsibility for them. A court will provide supervision to both a guardian and conservator to ensure that he or she is satisfying their responsibilities with the best interests of the ward in mind. Under Missouri law, an incapacitated person is someone that is unable by reason of physical or mental condition to satisfy basics needs such as food, clothing, shelter, safety or avoid physical injury, illness or disease on their own. A person is deemed disabled if they are unable by reason of physical or mental condition to evaluate information and communication decisions in an effective manner to handle his or her financial resources. Lees Summit Attorneys at Leonard Rodarte Siegel have defended and represented many clients who are seeking guardianship or conservatorship as well as many clients who are seeking to defend themselves from claims that they are unfit as parents or guardians.

How can a Lawyer Assist with Guardianship or Conservatorship

When arranging for guardianship, conservatorship or both it is possible to represent oneself. A person can file all the necessary paperwork and complete the legwork, schedule the hearing with the correct departments, handle medical certificates and notices, and also speak on behalf of themselves during a hearing. Each of the steps is critical in the process and any missteps can result in one being denied the guardianship they are looking to protect or earn from the courts. An experienced lawyer knows the correct people to talk to, forms to submit and court proceedings. At Leonard Rodarte Siegel we have handled hundreds of cases of varying complexity ranging from a full court hearing to simple assistance with paperwork and filing of documents. We are here to help you in any capacity that you need involving your guardianship or conservatorship case.

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Our guardianship attorneys and conservatorship attorneys have assisted many clients in establishing guardianship in Missouri including Cass County, Clay County, Jackson County, Johnson County, Lafayette County, Platte County, and Other Surrounding Counties. Each guardianship case varies in complexity and our attorneys are experts in handling the proceedings of a guardianship or conservatorship case. Our attorneys will review your case to ensure we handle it in a timely, quick and affordable manner. Let our Missouri guardianship Lawyers at Leonard Rodarte Siegel work for you. Contact us at 816-836-9950 or contact us online.

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