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Adoption Lawyers in Lee's Summit, MO

Adoption is a momentous family decision. While it is a beautiful and exciting time, adoption cases can also be incredibly complex and overwhelming. Whether you are pursuing a step-parent adoption, adopting a relative as next of kin, adopting through an agency, or going through an independent source, our adoption lawyers have experience handling many different types of adoptions and the complex situations that can arise. At Siegel & Irwin, LLC, our family lawyers are here to help you and your family through your adoption process.


An Overview of Adoption Law in Missouri

Each county in Missouri hears its own adoption cases. While all Missouri adoptions are governed by the same set of statutes, adoption procedures may vary slightly from county to county due to each county’s specific rules and practices. At Siegel & Irwin, LLC, our knowledgeable adoption lawyers can help you through your adoption process, ensuring that specific county procedures are followed.

Steps of the Missouri Adoption Legal Process

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  • 1. Complete Background Checks & Home Study

    After filing your petition, you will then need to pass a criminal and child abuse background check, as well as complete a home study. The home study is conducted by a licensed social worker where he/she will review your living situation and adoption readiness. This is a deep dive into your family’s ability to properly care for the child and will include items ranging from financial and marital stability to lifestyle and mental/physical health.

  • 2. Accept an Adoption Opportunity

    When an adoption opportunity occurs, it will be up to you to accept the opportunity and proceed with the adoption process.

  • 3. Conduct Pre-Placement Contact

    If applicable, you may have the opportunity to meet the prospective birth parent(s) placement.

  • 4. Finalization

    The adoption finalization process varies greatly depending on how you seek to adopt. With exceptions and variations, after a child has been placed with you and has lived with you for at least six months, a social worker will conduct a series of post-placement visits to observe how everyone is doing or conduct the Home Study. Once the biological parents’ parental rights are terminated, you and your adoption lawyer can file an adoption petition with the court to complete the adoption. The court will then schedule your adoption hearing date.

Common Types of Adoptions in Missouri

At our family law firm in Lee’s Summit, MO, our adoption lawyers have experience helping prospective parents through several different types of adoptions including the following:

  • Step-parent Adoptions

  • Grandparent Adoptions

  • Same-Sex Couple Adoptions

  • Adult Adoptions

  • Contested Adoptions

  • Uncontested Adoptions

Adoptions in Missouri

How Can a Family Lawyer Help with the Adoption Process?

At Siegel & Irwin, LLC, our family lawyers have navigated clients through many different types of adoption cases. With the guidance of our adoption lawyers, our family law firm can help make your adoption process less stressful.

Our adoption lawyers will complete and file your adoption petition, ensuring that essential information is included.

At Siegel & Irwin, LLC, our family lawyers can help guide you through the background checks and home study stage, advising you on your rights and Missouri appeal procedures, if necessary.

Throughout the adoption finalization process, our family law attorneys will provide guidance each step of the way while filing with the court to complete the adoption.


FAQ for the Adoption Process in Missouri

Are there specific adoption age requirements for Missouri adoption?

In Missouri, the adoption age requirements are lenient. Depending on the adoption services you are pursuing, the specific age requirements differ, and exceptions might be made on a case-by-case basis. When adopting through an agency, prospective parents typically need to be at least 21 years old. When adopting independently, Missouri law requires that you are a legal adult.

Does Missouri adoption have marital requirements?

No, there are no marital requirements for adoptive parents in Missouri. However, in some situations, maintaining a stable and specified relationship may help.

What should be included in the adoption petition?

In your adoption petition, you will need to include several important pieces of information, including but not limited to:

  • Your (and, if applicable, your spouse’s) name and address
  • The name, age, sex, and birth place of the child sought to be adopted
  • The name and address of each biological parent, if known
  • The relationship of the adoptive parents to the child, if any
  • A statement explaining that you have the ability to care for, maintain, and educate the child sought to be adopted.
Adoption FAQ

Contact Our Family Law Attorneys to Handle Your Adoption Case

Our family law attorneys located near you in Lee’s Summit, MO have assisted many clients with various and complex adoption processes across the greater Kansas City metro including Cass County, Clay County, Jackson County, Lafayette County, Platte County, and other surrounding counties. Let our Missouri adoption lawyers at Siegel & Irwin, LLC work for you. Call us at (816) 836-9950 or contact us online to schedule an adoption consultation.

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