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Kristin D. Siegel - Partner and Family Lawyer at Siegel & Irwin, LLC

Mrs. Siegel graduated with honors from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and then obtained her law degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Law School. While there, Mrs. Siegel interned in the domestic unit of Legal Aid of Western Missouri, clerked for a local Kansas City law firm that focused on domestic law matters, and worked for several non-profit organizations, including Mother’s Refuge, a homeless shelter for pregnant teens, and Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City.

Helping people through hard times has always been second nature to Mrs. Siegel because of her parents, who have always set an example to passionately help others in crisis, which includes her mother who was a dedicated social worker.

Meet Kristin

Kristin's Background in Family Law

After law school, Mrs. Siegel was actively involved in her chosen specialty of family law by serving in a clerkship for the Honorable Sherrill Rosen of the Family Court system in Jackson County, Missouri. Her office was in the courtroom which afforded Mrs. Siegel the opportunity to observe trials, hearings, and other court proceedings for two years.

Before joining the family law firm, Leonard and Finley, Mrs. Siegel was an active participant in Family Law and Guardian Ad Litem clinics and was appointed by the court on behalf of children in custody actions in which abuse or neglect was alleged. This gave Mrs. Siegel a significant amount of trial experience in custody litigation, as well as allowed her to see custody litigation from a different perspective than an attorney representing a parent – advocating for the child’s best interest rather than a litigant’s interest.

Mrs. Siegel has attended the associate program for the AAML twice, assisted with two appellate cases under Anita Rodarte, and won Rising Star awards from Super Lawyers in both 2021 and 2022. Mentored by one of the best family law attorneys in Missouri and member of the AAML, Anita Rodarte, Mrs. Siegel accredits her success to Anita’s mentorship, as well as the family court commissioner, the Honorable Sherrill Rosen.

In 2017, Mrs. Siegel became a named partner of the law firm Leonard Rodarte Siegel LLC, Mrs. Siegel handled maintenance and child support cases, as well as divorces involving corporations and businesses.

She served as a partner at Leonard Rodarte Siegel LLC and formed Siegel & Irwin, LLC, along with fellow attorney, Ashley Irwin, in 2022. She now serves as a family law attorney and partner at Siegel & Irwin, LLC.

Family Law Attorney at Siegel & Irwin, LLC

As a family law attorney at Siegel & Irwin, LLC, Mrs. Siegel is known to be a zealous advocate for her clients. She truly cares about her clients and their situations and strives to establish relationships with her clients that lasts years, even after the case is done. By fervently advocating for her clients, Mrs. Siegel appreciates seeing how her clients’ lives improve in the aftermath.

Kristin's Background

State Bar Admission



University of Missouri at Kansas City, B.A., English Literature

University of Missouri at Kansas City, J.D.


2022 Rising Star Award from Super Lawyers

2021 Rising Star Award from Super Lawyers

Kristin SiegelReviewsout of 10 reviews

Memberships and Credentials

Eastern Jackson County Bar Association

Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City

Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association

Missouri Bar

Missouri Bar Family Law Section

Speaking Engagements

August 2023 Missouri Family Law Conference - Co-presenter of "Basics Track: Tips for File Organization and Drafting Pleadings"

August 2022 - Co-presenter of "The Art of Expert Testimony: Practical Tips for Turning Chaos into Clarity"

Kristin's Credentials

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