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Sometimes, after a judgment is entered, your circumstances have changed and the judgment is no longer practical or in the best interest of your child. If this is the case, a motion to modify may be required. Child support and child custody and/or parenting time may be modified so that the terms of the new judgment are in the best interest of the child. In certain cases, spousal support may also be modified. When there has been a substantial and continuing change in circumstances, you may return to court to obtain relief under a modified judgment. If you feel that the terms of your divorce decree or paternity judgment need to be modified, contact one of our attorneys in Lees Summit to discuss your options.

Modification Law in Missouri

In Missouri you are strongly advised to consult a lawyer when considering modifying any child custody arrangement. A re-arrangement of custody often results in changes to a parenting plan, and quite frequently child support as well. Only an official filing (motion to modify child custody) and judgement is legally binding in the state of Missouri. Any other arrangements will not satisfy the legal requirements for a modification. When agreed upon (known as a stipulation) changes to child custody can often be settled without a hearing, but most changes require some form of court oversight. When a modification is contested or disputed, a contested hearing is required per Missouri law. A lawyer is highly suggested at this point as a court hearing will take place requiring a burden of proof from the requesting parent. In addition, a responding parent will be allowed to introduce evidence during a dispute. An attorney will help you understand the process, time frame and legal requirements per Missouri law.

Reasons for Modifications

Modifications to child custody will undoubtedly happen in a child’s life as he or she grows and parents have changes in their personal and professional lives. An official filing should be completed as unofficial arrangements will not take precedence over previous filings. As with any other custody arrangement, the best interests of the child are the top priority when considering modifications to a parenting plan or custody. When a plan appears to be working for all parents and children, in general a court will not be willing to modify. In circumstances such as child neglect, child endangerment, child abuse or domestic violence, a court will consider proof to be adequate grounds for modification. In addition, frequent non-cooperation from a parent in accordance to a parenting plan not being followed, it can result in a burden of proof being met in grounds for modification. In most cases, a child requesting to live with a certain parent is not an enforceable modification unless other proof is provided that indicates a change is necessary. Most frequently, changes happen when one or both parents relocate and a new arrangement must be made. A child custody modification attorney at Leonard Rodarte Siegel can help you understand what constitutes grounds for modification and what does not.

How Can A Lawyer Help With Modifications?

A modification attorney can help you understand what evidence you need to provide during modification hearings and navigate through the system. An attorney is even more necessary when the other parent has attorney representation as well. At Leonard Rodarte Siegel our lawyers in Lees Summit Missouri have helped parents in need with over 30 years experience in modification of custody matters. Our custody lawyers can assist you with the paperwork and filing, court representation and provide advice based on past experience in the court systems. If steps are not carefully followed, dates not met and paperwork done incorrectly, a modification can be significantly delayed or even rejected completely by the court systems. In order to make sure you are well represented, consult with a lawyer to make sure you are meeting all requirements of a motion of modification in Missouri.

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